How to make…Garden Bunting

By GirlaboutBath • craft • 4 Apr 2012


This evening I made a strip of bunting flags ready to sew on to tape in the morning and string up in the garden on our next sunny day.

I simply cut out triangles of material from The Makery, pinned them good-sides together, sewed down each angled side, turned them inside out and finally sewed along the top.

Day 2. I folded my length of inch-wide tape in half, ironing the crease as I went then sewed each triangle into the fold, leaving 5cm between each flag.

The cat decided he was a sewing machine...

Top tip: cut up old t-shirts to make the back section of each flag- if you’re like me and your bunting is to string up along a fence then you don’t need to worry about what the backing looks like. I also think that it’s really worth the effort to make properly backed flags rather than going for the (slightly cheating) ‘pinking scissors shaped, single piece of material’ method in my opinion, as the result is far more durable and looks far more professional. ¬†Oh, and use an iron to press the fabric – makes a huge difference to the neatness.

Et voila!

Now to wait for the sun…

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  1. June

    Very pretty bunting. Do you leave it outside or bring it in when wet?

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