Illuminate Bath 2012

By GirlaboutBath • Bath • 25 Jan 2012

This evening I enjoyed a stroll around the sights of Illuminate Bath which were lighting up the immediate surrounds of the Abbey and Roman Baths.

You have until Saturday night to see the installations which are on between 5-8pm, so make sure you take advantage before they disappear!

They include a white phonebox outside the Abbey-side entrance to the Roman Baths and video projections on to the building above the Ecco shop; there are ¬†also plenty of enthusiastic volunteers to explain what’s going on!

Dotted around are giant keys that you can turn to begin certain illuminations and the projections below onto the side of the Pump Rooms were apparently being drawn on in real time.

One of my favourites was this glowing grate under the street by BHS, which had smoke rising from the depths below…

Opposite is another key-operated installation which gives the illusion of water  being projected onto the walls and ceiling around the cashpoints of Santander.

A continually changing projection lit up the building opposite the Stall Street entrance to the Baths drew the biggest audience – and included cracks appearing before vines grew around the windows as well as local school children acting out a mini-olympics.

The cobbles of Bath glows beautifully below the uplighting so don’t forget to look down too!

I loved this ‘Bath’ block lighting…

And I couldn’t resist being a ‘Girl about Bath’…or at least walking in front of it anyway!

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