Sloe Gin and Vodka

By GirlaboutBath • Uncategorized • 3 Sep 2011

To make my sloe gin, I followed Nigel Slater’s classic recipe which is incredibly simple. 

First I had to prick the sloes ‘with a needle’, but I worked out my own faster method – grab a handful of sloes, and jab a fork at them until they’re mostly pricked.  Possibility for injury is higher, but it takes FAR less time. 

Once pierced, feed the sloes into your chosen sterilised vessels – I used old whiskey and gin bottles as well as big pasta sauce jars.  A funnel would be really useful here – I must buy one as feeding them into the bottles without this is slightly laborious.  The sloe’s should fill 1/3 of the bottle/jar.

Next, add caster sugar – see Nigel Slater’s recipe for precise amounts of all ingredients – I worked out the proportions in his method and extrapolated to the amount of sloes that I had picked.  If like me you don’t have a funnel, a milk jug is ideal for pouring the sugar into the bottles.

All that remains of the initial preparations is to top the bottles up with gin or vodka.  The fizzing that happens when the alcohol meets the sugar is lovely!

Once filled, I labelled the bottles and then put them in a cool, dark cupboard for 8-10 weeks, turning every few days and giving a shake once a week.   I have to say I’m dreadful at remembering to things like this, so I put mine in the plates cupboard so I’ll see them daily and be prompted to do the turning and shaking!

After just one day, my drinks looked like this (amazing colour!):

And a week on, here they are:

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