Today I dyed my shoes.

By GirlaboutBath • Uncategorized • 24 Aug 2011

Today I dyed my shoes.  As you can see, something needed to be done to my blackberry-splattered footwear, so I went to the haberdashery stall in Guildhall Market to purchase this:

It seemed pretty straightforward:

So with great optimism, I made up the dye mixture, and stirred it into my salted, warm water, and with apron donned and marigolds protecting my hands, I submerged my shoes into the murky purple depths…

Forty-five minutes later, I removed the shoes, rinsed them in cold then warm water, and set them out to dry on some newspaper.  I love the new (blackberry inspired) colour, but can anyone spot the ridiculous difference?!

How the laces have come out two different colours is beyond me.  Seriously.  When they’re dry, I think I’ll add a brooch or some beading along them so that it’s marginally less noticeable!

Verdict on home-dying though?  Incredibly simple.  Now to have a look through my wardrobe at what else I can perform a colour change on!

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