Tea Anyone? The Canary, Queen St.

By GirlaboutBath • Uncategorized • 24 Aug 2011

Today I dropped into Bath’s newest tearoom, The Canary on Queen Street. As a teacher, I’m a fan of three stars and a wish when marking work, so that’s what I’ll do for my afternoon tea.

Star 1: Mismatching vintage cups, saucers, milk jugs and teapots.  Lovely touch.


Star 2: The Price – £1.50 for a cupcake (although it wasn’t the best I’d ever had; there were slices of cake that in retrospect I wish I’d chosen) and £1.50 for the biggest pot of tea I’ve ever had for that price – even I didn’t finish my last cup!

Star 3: Very friendly staff and the sunshine hits the shop beautifully mid-afternoon.  (Ok, so that’s really two.)

Wish:  Music!  This tearoom has real potential to be successful in the city, but (and I know it was a little sparse on people to create an atmosphere when I was in there) a bit of the right sort of background music could create more of an ambience, and drown out a bit of the noise from outside (the vintage guitar shop opposite does have the odd person seemingly testing out the volume capabilities of their instruments). 

I hope that this new little tearoom is a success – I advised them to get tweeting to raise their profile (apparently I wasn’t alone in this suggestion to them today), so I look forward to following them soon.

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